C3A in Czech republic with Tony Colingwood


Because we are the right nuts, we took the risk and organized C3A dance in Bohemia. We got the idea in Gladenbach in the spring of 2007. Tony Colingwood caused people to split into two groups there by his calling. The first group liked when he called quickly and demandingly, the other group did not like it, and preferred stop & go. Somebody came to Johannes with the idea to do an extra event with Tony for the first group, but Johannes refused to organize it. We thought that this was a good idea, went on with it, and it was worthwhile.


C3A Gladenbach 2009

Gladenbach 2009In 2009 we took part in both Gladenbachs, both in the spring and fall. Unfortunately, we do not have pictures from the fall one where the calling was done by Todd Fellegy. Ross Howel was calling at the spring event and it was just great. He went through bunch of concepts, primarily Initially and Finally, with us. All Saturday this was onslaught on our brains. We had headaches from this from time to time, but when Ross took a lot from it on Saturday evening, we quite missed the onslaught of the puzzles. See the pictures here.

Třeboňské kapření 2009

Trebon 2009

The Třeboň carping was not organized by Dita Válková with the Třeboň Club only, Plha also helped a lot. Dita managed to get a grant and reserved a castle; Plha took care of callers, program and propagation. They arranged the event in a big style and everything from Mainstream to C2 was danced. Dave with Alex came from Cham on Saturday afternoon, and when they got some rest they danced with us. I even had a chance to call with Dave.

After the event on Sunday all four of us went to the Hluboká Castle, where Jitka Machová gave us a private tour along both tours. Then we went to Prague and spent few days together. See the pictures.

iPAC 2009

We realized in 2009 that it is better to spend few more days at iPAC than just a weekend, so it was clear two years later that we will do it again. We left on Wednesday already, and Věrka, Lenka’s mother that could participate in iPAC as a plus dancer was with us. She took her own car, since she was taking another two people. The trip there was not so simple, since we were encountering one traffic jam after another. In spite of that we arrived on time to make C1 dancing.


Denmark - Spring 2009

Dánsko 2009We went to Denmark in the spring of 2009 for a weekend only to a C event that I called. We went there directly from England (you can read about that trip here). The trip started in Calais at night and according to our calculations we should have arrived at Aalborg. We were not sure that we were going to manage, since we met a couple of nice bikers, who told us that there was a big storm in Belgium and that the freeways there were under water. We did not try to find a detour though, because we believed that we were going to get through.