Christmas 2008

StromecekThis was our first Christmas together, on the top of the first Christmas, since we were married. We spend it by ourselves in Mirovická, because we assumed that it would be the first, but at the same time the last quiet Christmas. We bought a tree, a tree stand and some ornaments. This was little difficult, since Lenka likes straw ones, and I prefer glass ones. So we agreed that we would alternate them every other Christmas.


Wedding – selection of accessories


Both of us, of course, chose the wedding dress, although Lenka was logically worried more about it and pulled her sisters and friends into it also.

For me it was simpler, since I knew that I wanted a light colored suit and also one that I would be able to use after the wedding. Thanks to this I did not have to run around rental places. The fact is that during looking for Lenka’s dress we visited one salon, where I tried a suit, but it was shapeless, and they did not even have shoes to go with it.


Stavba ložnice v Mirovické

Konečně je to tu. Stejně jako kuchyni, i ložnici jsme si vymysleli, navrhli, namalovali a nakonec Standa vyrobil. A dnes přijel a namontoval ji. Tedy první část, tu podstatnější. Druhou část, tedy hlavně skříň, na tu si budeme muset ještě počkat. Asi bude nejlepší podívat se rovnou do fotogalerie, celkem není co vypravovat. Povšimněte si hlavně chytře řešené multifunkční postýlky, kterou nám každý závidí a už víme o dvou dalších rodinách, které si nechají udělat postel na motivy té naší.

Christmas and New Year 2009

Stedry den 2009We have decided to spend Christmas Eve this year at the Hampls, since this was the last Christmas before the birth of our child and I wanted to know, how Christmas looks like there. The result was a completely perfect evening; and it would not really be us, if we did not do something traditional. Although ... maybe this made the evening so perfect.


David – 35th birthday

35 let
It has finally arrived, I have just turned 35. Curiously enough I don’t mind. I have a great girl, business goes well, and I bought an apartment in Prague. Only my hair is thinner and shorter than before. Check out the celebration pictures here.

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