Lenka-27th birthday

It is weird, but Lenka has her birthday, even although she is a girl. She decided to celebrate her 27th birthday in our favorite Chinese restaurant with the whole family. So, we booked this huge round table with a turntable in the middle that let’s you taste all the food.

Lenka 27All Hampls were there plus one Prague grandmother. The grandma did not have any experience with Chinese food, so we ordered something harmless for her. She did not eat much of it anyway. Lenka had her favorite Kung Pao and I had Sechuan shrimps. I was looking forward to it, since I had not had any proper ones since Holland, but I was surprised. They were large and unpeeled. This would not be so tragic to peel them on my own, but they were drowned in a sauce, so it was pretty messy. That was probably a reason why nobody shared the shrimps with me.

Otherwise the celebration was OK, and due to the portions one gets in Chinese restaurants we all stuffed ourselves. After dinner we all, with the exception of grandma, went to Mirovická, where Lenka got gifts, like the largest puzzle in the world with 24 000 pieces, among others. And than we played, sang and drank until late at night.