C2 in Solingenu


This was not a classic dancing event, but a weekend practice for Triangle Squares and few friends. Due to the character of the event it meant that Joachim would go pretty deep into C2, and for us mainly that we would have a good dance.


Vic Ceder in CZ


Long expected and prepared caller school with Vic Ceder that at least I was looking forward to as a kid started in April 2010. It should have been a fantastic week and at the beginning nobody had an idea that this would really be 14 interesting days for our family. Vic flew in on Thursday April 4 at 5:30 pm, at the time when Medvedev was flying out and Obama stayed at the Castle and then at the US embassy. Because of it the police closed the roundabout and Europe Street.


C3B Ian McConnall 2010

IanThis event was a breakthrough in several ways. It was our first dancing event after the childbirth (a caller school cannot be counted as such, at least not for Lenka), and it was the first large trip for Robin. Driving should take five hours; we better counted six, since we should breastfeed twice. We set off at 11 o’clock and Robin fell asleep practically immediately after the car took off. We had our lunch at our favorite Shell station near Rokycany still in the Czech Republic. The food was OK (for a gas station) and it was a good breastfeeding and diaper changing place, too. We took our second stop already in Germany. We have found out that we can change diapers and breastfeed in the car pretty well (or rather on the car). Our little Robin really behaved perfectly the whole journey. He either slept or if not than he looked out the window a watched the surroundings.


Richard Tuck in Prague

Richard Tuck

We met by chance. Richard is an outstanding C caller that calls up to C4. He went to Prague on vacation and found a contact to somebody from square circles :) over the Internet that somebody contacted us and we, Richard, and his friend spent a nice day in Prague.


Denmark 2006

Dansko 2006

This was our first C3A dance. The Aalborg 2006 was our first real dance, although we practiced in August in Hamburg, where it was basically a private event for participants of C3A teaching from July. We had it easier because we knew most of the dancers, and one of the callers, Dave Wilson, knew us (as a group), so we could expect fairly comfortable dancing.