England 2009

Na moriThat time we decided to go to England by car for several reasons. First of all last year I decided that driving in England should not be that difficult, secondly we liked the idea of being independent, and thirdly we needed to get from England to Denmark and by car it is cheaper to get to all of these places.


Trip to England to visit Anne

Anglie Anne

Finally in April we went to England again. Well, for me it was again after several years (if it was up to me I would go every year). It was the first trip for Lenka. We planned the trip to manage two things, a visit with Anne and a visit of RC Wiveliscombe. You can read about it in a separate article.


Visit of RC Wiveliscombe

During April 2008 we did not visit only Anne, but also the Rotary Club Wiveliscombe. These events followed one another, and the one in Wiveliscombe started by Anne taking us there. Wiveliscombe is only about 40 minutes from Tiverton. This in practical life means that as the crow flies these two towns are a small distance away, but because of the Devon roads the jurney gets somewhat longer.


Trip to Sněžka

SnezkaThere was a student from Mexico, his name was Miguel, who was here to visit for three months, and who visited several Rotary Clubs in southern Bohemia. I took him to Prague and its surroundings for several days. During these trips we also went to see Sněžka mountain.


Denmark 2006

TrajektI learned C3A in Plön at the beginning of July 2006, Dave Wilson was teaching it at the time. I met the Danish group there, especially Hanne Frost. We were there alone, so Steffen put us together as partners. This proved beneficial at the end. Hanne was good dancer, eager to learn, and she was also totally indestructible. I did not want to hold her back in her enthusiasm, and thus was hard put to go through all these hours.