Ivor the warrior - Bandits in Almiente


It was summertime; butterflies were spinning around, bees humming from flower to flower. On the edge of a lake in the middle of wood, woman was sitting on the stone, having her feet in the cold water. She had hair over her naked shoulders and her neck was shimmering. Little sweat-drops appeared and sparkled in the sunlight. She looked as if she was dreaming.

Suddenly a man on horse appeared on edge of the wood. He was clad in leather trousers and sleeveless waistcoat. Behind his head protruded a hilt of the sword. He looked sternly at the woman for awhile. Then he mussed to the horse and begun approaching the girl.

Unsuspecting, the eyes closed and having the skin stroked by the sunrays, she dipped her fingers into the water, playing with the liquid. Then she placed wet hand on her throat to cool herself. She seemed to be lost in thoughts, because she didn't notice her surroundings.

The man was near to her now. The material of her dress was translucent in the backlight and he could see shape of her body. It wasn't too hard anyway, because she had a short, white dress. The man observed two beautifully carved legs, her waist, the bow of her spin and long hair falling in the water.

His stirrup suddenly clinked. The girl turned hastily around, her eyes opened wide in terror. She tried to jump up, but she lost her balance and felt in the water. The man jumped forward, partially regretting he destroyed this moment and scared her. But on the other hand it was so funny to see her falling into the water and he begun laughing. The young woman was staying in the water, scared of this stranger, but also furious, because he dared to laugh. She was in the mood to go out and slap him in his face.

He may have seen this emotion on her face, so he stopped laughing and offered her his hand to help her out of the water. Still furious she refused his help and made her way on shore, stepping in front of him. Her eyes were sparkling angry and she drew a deep breath.

She was ready to shout, but she didn't realize her wet cloth was practically invisible. The man didn't give her a chance to speak and promptly used his advantage. As an experienced warrior he knew when and where to attack.

"What nice little boops", said the stranger, widely grinning. "And look at your hard, raised nipples. Girl, you must be very aroused! Is it why you jumped in the water? To chill you out?" Amusement was all over his face.

She was so stunned of his words that she lost hers. Her mouth was open to reply, but no sound came over her lips. How could he dare! Nearly instantly she was aware of her bareness. She looked down at her body and saw her nipples sticking out through the wet nothing, covering her body, more revealing than concealing. She quickly covered her breasts with one arm, holding it like a shield.

Suddenly she was scared. Behind her was the lake and the stranger in front of her. She felt like a prey. Where is the other way out of this situation? She kicked his shinbone and while he was surprised of this not really hurting attack, she fled away as quick as flash.

The man smirked. He could have caught her easily, but there was no sense to do it. He heavily sat at the bank instead, as he was tired of several days long traveling.


His name was Ivor and he was a warrior and mercenary. The best warrior in land and very well paid mercenary. Two weeks ago he was found in the city of Agra, 700 miles from the hidden lake with almost naked beauty, by an emissary of the Duke Alfonse, the ruler of the duchy Almiente.

"Our land suffers of a troop of bandits. My master offers you fifteen hundred coins in gold if you help us to get rid of them."

"How big is the troop?", asked Ivor.

"Only 10 men", said hastily the duke's man. Too much hastily.

"Then you don't need me, your solders must be able to do the job."

The emissary scowled. "Our duke offers you more than enough money. You have no right to impeach his will."

"I can do whatever I want", said Ivor coldly and looked at the emissary's eyes so firmly that he had to grasp the table to help him stay.

"Tell me what is the catch or leave me alone", Ivor continued.

"Well", the emissary hesitated, "those bandits have a hostage. If our solders went after them, the hostage wouldn't survive. Therefore we need a man who could find them silently and finish them by himself."

"Who's the hostage", asked Ivor.

"It's not your business", exclaimed the emissary.

"How would your Master like, if I beaten you and sent back home without signing the contract?", teased Ivor the emissary.

"People say you are hard to deal with." Ivor just smirked.

"The hostage is the duke's son Garry", whispered the man. "Duke Alfonse wants him back. Alive."

And now Ivor was here, in Almiente land, just few miles from the duke's castle. The girl was very presumably from the castle. Who else could afford the luxury of wasting time at the lake bank? Hardly a village wench.

Ivor scooped water to his hands several times and drank. Then he handed water bag to his horse. "Well, pal, let's meet the duke and eventually find out who was the girl. Maybe I can have a special bonus to my pay", said Ivor with amused smile, mounted the horse and set off to the nearby castle.

The building was even bigger than he expected. The duke must have been a very rich man. In the inner courtyard he dismounted and a servant hurried to take care of his horse. Ivor was conducted to a big hall and after a few minutes the duke appeared, looking sorrowfully.

"Duke Alfonse" Ivor greeted him with a nod.

The duke appraised him with a glance. "So you are able to bring me my son back, alive and with no harm?"

"I will do my best, Sir" Ivor nodded.

"Well, you must be tired. The servant will lead you to your room. Have a rest." He waved to a small boy, not older than 12.

"If you follow me, please" he whispered.

Ivor stood up and followed the boy through the corridors. On their way they passed a chamber. Warm light shined from inside and he could have heard a woman singing. A short glimpse showed the girl from the lake sitting in front of a mirror combing her hair.

He grabbed the boys arm. "Who is this woman?" he asked pointing at the chamber. The boy hedged. "Please sir, follow me!" He seemed to be anxious.

"Once again, who is this woman?" Ivor barked to the servant.

"Please come, Sir, we are not allowed to stop here! PLEASE" he obviously felt very uncomfortable. Ivor realized it was useless to insist. The poor boy was too intimidated. So he followed him to an another chamber, which was supposed to be his, and he kept in mind the way to the maiden’s chamber.

"I did what you asked me for, now tell me who was she!" Ivor persisted.

"It was Venera, bride of the duke’s son. They where supposed to marry just before Garry was kidnapped. The duke feels responsible to protect her until Garry is free again. No man is allowed to approach her. I really have to go now. Do you need something more?" As Ivor shake his head, he bowed and disappeared backwards through the door.

The room was not big, but cozy, with set fireplace. Equipment of the room comprised only bed, table and a small cabinet. Probably only for him they brought a tube, which stood along the fireplace. Ivor put his hand in the tube to try the water. It was nicely warm, so he didn't hesitated, striped and dived in the water. He enjoyed the magic of the instant. He spent most of his life on the battle fields or on the way, without luxury of the warm bath.

He closed his eyes and start thinking about the girl, who he spotted already twice today. "So a bride", he though, "pretty weird bride."

On his way to the castle he was thinking about the girl. He was quite sure he could have had any low class woman working in the castle, if he asked for her. But he wanted this wench. At the lake he felt her inner power and he would enjoy to tame her and make her to fulfill his wishes. He expected her being of high class, but he didn't expect her being bride of the Duke's son, more over a virgin! "The battle with the bandits will not be the only battle I have to win in this country", smiled Ivor with a shine in his eyes and stepped out of the tube. Then he took his trousers and waist and left the room.


Silently as a ghost he approached the room he remembered. Its door already was closed. Ivor carefully tried to push them and door moved ajar. He quickly stepped in and closed the door behind him.

Venera jumped up without fully knowing, who was the intruder.

"How do you dare to...", she muted suddenly, as she realized who was her uninvited quest. She looked partially offended, partially scared.

"Who are you? Tell me now!"

"I am somebody who can rescue your fiancé".

"Are you the mercenary, who was hired by Duke Alfonse?"

"Yes, it's me"

Her fear disappeared and in the same instant the boldness came up her face. "You dared to step into my room without invitation. I am going to call guards and you will be punished for it".

“No, I don’t think so”, said Ivor convincingly.

"What? Why?! You know who I am".

"I know who you are not. Are are not such an innocent girl how people may think."

"How do you mean it?" asked Venera little bit uneasy.

"The Duke's son has been kidnapped, so the bandits must await any kind of counter strike. It means they very presumably observe the castle and its vicinity. Despite it I found you out of the castle practically naked, as if you wanted to be caught and raped. I cannot imagine you leaving the castle clad as you were at the lake, which means you had to have hidden a proper cloth somewhere. And that means that you did it by purpose, everything was planned. Moreover, when I was passing your room an hour ago, you were combing your hair and singing. Little bit strange for somebody who should be stricken by fear of her lover, don't you think, mylady?

As I understand it, there are two possibilities. You are either the gold-miner, who wants to get married to the warm nest and have no feelings, or, much worse, you are somehow connected with the bandits and you play some strange game with the duke. Cry and shout, if you want, but then you will have to explain everything to the Duke."

Venera just widened her eyes and at the end of the Ivor's speach she put her palm on the mouth.

"That's just stupid nonsense! Nobody would believe you!"

"Do you want to pursue your chances? How will you explain your presence and dress at the lake?"

Venera rebound quickly from the shock and her thoughts flipped over.

"I wasn't at the lake. You cannot prove it."

"Are you sure? Than how could I know that you have a birth mark in the shape of heart exactly over your left nipple? This is easy to verify."

Venera gasped for breath and Ivor watched her reaction with a big grin.

"How much do you want to keep silent?" she asked.

"Oh no, this is not that easy." He laughed "The duke is paying me more than enough to free your fiancé" As he spoke these words her face grimaced for a moment but she recovered quickly.

"I want to know what is going on here."

She shook her head. "Listen, I'm not the gold miner at all, I am the daughter of the count of Alba and I have more money I can ever spend."

"Then why did you leave the castle alone?"

"If I pay you double the duke has promised, will you leave then?" she asked.

Ivor grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her to look into his face.

"Girl, what kind of game are you playing here? I'm convinced now that you are a part of the bandits." He shook her.

She tried to sneak out of his grip, but he was much stronger than she. "I'm going to tell the duke what kind of snake he has in his house" disgustedly he let her go. Suddenly tears appear in her face and she turned away.

He was already at the door when he heard her saying:

"Please don't. You can charge me whatever you want but it's not like you may think."

He turned to her irritated. He could have bet that behind her blue eyes was a real witch. But now this imagination seemed to vanish, she looked like a real despaired girl.

"There seems to be more behind this story. Will you tell me everything?" he asked once again.

She looked at her toes at whispered: "You wouldn't believe me."

"It is up to me to decide. Speak now!"

"Well then", she said silently, "the truth is I really need to fulfill my needs. I have been closed my whole life. All those twenty years I have been closed behind the castle's walls. All the time I have to behave how I was told."

"Of course", said Ivor, "would you expect anything else?"

"No", admitted Venera. "But you must understand that such a life is unbearable! In my position I still have somebody around me. No privacy. And now, when my body is awaking, I need some time for myself."

"What do you speak about?", asked Ivor. "Women have no needs."

"It is not true! Believe me, I have my needs, my imaginations, my wishes!". Venera stopped talking.

Ivor was puzzled; he has never heard something like that. It has never occurred to him to think about the women needs and desires. He always could have any of the courtesan traveling willingly with the soldiers troops. And even when he was alone, he never suffered of lack of girls, and all of them knew very well how to please him. All the time, everywhere, the men were those who were to be pleased. So what the hell was Venera talking about?!

"Go on", Ivor commanded Venera. "I want to know more. Tell me about your wishes and imaginations."

“I’m a noble woman and on verge of being married to a man I don’t love. My body is telling me things and I have such a dream…” she hesitated.

“Just go on” he encouraged her.

“…I dream there was a man, big, strong and ferocious, who did know about my body more than I did.” She turned away from Ivor. It was obvious that speaking about her made her feel uncomfortable, but she carried on. ”He wanted me to do things, which pleased him, but at the same time this things excited me too. From my maids and my wet nurse I heard that they felt incredible pleasure, when they were with men, but with Garry… Such a man should not be my destiny!” she exclaimed impulsively turning around and looking straight in his eyes. A warm sensation spread under his waist.

“Tell me about these things.” His throat was dry.

“I told you already to much” she said, “more than you are entitled to. Leave me alone. Now!”

“You will not treat me as your servant! I will go when I want, you are not in the position to command” his quiet voice has threatening undertone, so she withdrew automatically.

No one dared to talk to her in this way, but it was somehow exciting. Her heart beat speeded up.

“You said I could get whatever I want, didn’t you?”

She nodded. “Come here in front of me” he asked. She followed hesitantly. “Good girl. And now strip off your dress and show me your boobs.”

She gasped and shook her head. Ivor’s gaze became dangerous and threatening. Venera could have not stood this anymore and averted her eyes. Her fingers moved slowly to the ribbon on her neck and she started unlashing it. After a while she stood half naked in front of him. Ivor put few more logs into the fireplace and pointed his finger at fur near the fire. Venera obediently moved, crossing her hands across her breasts.

“Stand up! Hands along your body, head up!”

She gave up and just did how she was commanded. At the moment she straightened her body and Ivor was watching her, Venera felt strange, unknown sensation. She was looking at that brute, muscular man and she knew she desired so that he liked her. She was an assessed woman before the man’s eyes.

Even Ivor felt something new in the air, that invisible move in Venera’s attitude. He decided to continue while he could.

“Strip. Strip down everything what you have on.”

Venera obeyed as if she was drugged. In fact she was, as she was under influence of her hormones. She was naked as quick as never before. By her own will she assumed the position she was commanded before.

Ivor walked around her and was enjoying the back view. Venera felt uneasy.


“Don’t move!” said Ivor looking at her nice back bow. He definitely wanted to use this girl.

He was close to her, she could feel the heat of his body, could feel his fingers running from her neck along her spine down to the curves of her bottom. He finished surrounding her and stopped right in front of her. She was shivering. The smell of his skin was warm and intimate somehow.

Then she felt his hands on her hips. His skin, dry and tanned from weather and fights, felt strange on her. Her feelings drove rollercoaster and as she felt his hand between her legs, she was near to collapse. Her knees eased but in the same moment her awoken. He should not have her that easy.

Suddenly she tightened herself. “You really must go now.” Her voice was still trembling, but he could hear her will reinforced. At the same time there were voices on the corridor.

“Lady Venera, are you fine?” her maid asked.

“Quick, hide behind the door. If you are found here, you would be unmanned. The duke is eager to protect my virginity.” With an unexpected power she pushed him into the dark space behind the door and rushed under the linen in the bed. The next moment the door was opened and a woman came in.

“Marion, what’s happened?” Venera was calm, as if she had slept before.

During this conversation the door to Venera’s chamber was still open and Ivor sneaked out. He followed the discussion from the corridor.

“Oh, Lady Venera, I had a strange feeling that something was going wrong!”

“Marion, calm down. I’m fine.” She had a short look where Ivor should have been. “Nobody is here.”

“The duke ordered me to sleep in your room, you know…” “…my virginity must be protected.” Venera completed the sentence as if she did it many times before. Marion started to prepare a bed on the floor.

Ivor’s passion passed and he went back to his room. Postponed is not abandoned.


In the morning there was an agitation in the castle. “What’s happened?” Ivor caught a servant on the corridor. It was the same shy boy who showed him his room.

“Lady Venera has vanished! The duke is in rage!”

“What does it mean, ‘vanished`?”

“Ask the duke! I have to go now!” and he hustled away.

Ivor decided to have breakfast and get more details about this news. Kitchen is the best place to get both, breakfast and information. The kitchen was smoky and full of busy women. As soon as they were aware of him a round middle-aged woman came to him.

“Who are you, big man? You look hungry.”

“Well, yes, I am. Breakfast would be good.” He sat down on a wooden chair and a plate full of food was steaming in front of him soon.

“Have you heard the fresh news?” the woman was eager to tell him. She was one of that kind of woman who knows and tells everything. Exactly what he was looking for. He pretended indifference just to tease her.

“Lady Venera, the bride of Master Garry, was kidnapped by the bandits right out of her chamber!” she was excited. “They drugged our good old Marion, the maid of Lady Venera! As she came around, the young lady was gone! First Master Garry, now Lady Venera! It’s a tragedy.”

Ivors finished his breakfast and decided to meet the duke for discussing the further steps.

Duke was destroyed and begged Ivor to bring back his son. So it came that in the late morning Ivor saddled his horse and rode in the woods to free Garry and Venera.

The wood was really calm and he was relaxed. But then the atmosphere had changed. His instinct alarmed him, although there was nothing to see. His horse was nervous too. Suddenly there was chaos around them. Hooded people appeared from everywhere and their attack was so quick and well organized that Ivor found himself caught in net even before he was able to draw his sword. Unable to move he was packed on his own horse. He tried to free himself, but a strong hit on his head sent him unconscious.

When he woke up, he found himself in a cozy little room, his arms tighten behind his back. His weapons were gone. He looked around; this place didn’t look like a prison. More like a home. The door opened and a person come in, spear in the hand and pointed him to go. It was obvious that he should have gone ahead. So he was led to a bigger hall. In this hall people were sitting around a big table. He counted twelve persons. One of them was sitting on a big chair, obviously the leader, and beside him there was a person he knew pretty well – Venera. She was sitting and laughing. Of course, she was a part of the bandits. He felt like a fool, his first idea was right. This little bitch! His look was contemptuous as their eyes met. Suddenly a deep silence was around.

“Ivor – welcome. I am Akashar, and as you may have guessed, head of this brave people. Sit down please.” she said pointing to the only empty chair at the table. Ivor realized that all of them were armed, they had their weapons in reach.

“Excuse the harsh treatment, but we were sure you wouldn’t come voluntarily. It was the easiest way to bring you to our home.” Akashar continued without giving him the chance to say something.

”Georgia!” The person who brought him into the hall cut the rope around his wrists.

Ivor was irritated. Georgia was woman’s name. And as he looked around, he realized, that all of them were small and delicate - they all were women! Akashar observed his awareness with a big grin.

“Don’t even try to attack, we all are skilled warriors, you already may have realized”, she smirked. “Be our guest!”

Ivor was observing the strange view. Nowhere in the known world was possible for women to be taught in martial arts. On the second, closer look, he spotted clear marks that those women were armed, but not the real warriors. All of them were too delicate, too innocent. Nobody, who experienced a battle field, could seem so carefree. Just their female leader was different. She was the only one who had sings of a hard life. Hard life! Hard life! That was the key!

“You all”, said Ivor and his hand went around the circle, “are nobles. This troop is nothing else than a game of the spoiled noble daughters.”

According the women’s reaction was clear he hit the nail on the head.

Venera was the first who recovered.

“Yes”, she barked in unpleasant tone, “spoiled and bored. But also well trained and armed, unlike you. And you will be our nice obedient toy and will do exactly what you will be said, otherwise,…” and Venera drew a knife and pointed toward Ivor. “It is me who is in charge now and you who gives me everything, what I want!” And with the flashback of the last night she smirked and commanded: “Strip off and show me your body! Now!”

Ivor stood up and immediately all women reached their weapons and jumped up. They stood still, swords ready, and watched Ivor.

“Make me, if you can”, Ivor challenged Venera.

She didn’t hesitated a second, griped the knife firmly and was approaching Ivor. Akashar suddenly understood what was going on. As Ivor pointed out, they were only women, privately trained, but with no real battle experience and he was aware of it very well. They did a big mistake to lure him in their camp. But it was Venera’s fault. She was crazy about this man a wanted to play with him. She couldn’t do it in the duke’s castle, so she insisted on the troop’s help. And they all are lost now! Gosh! Ivor was ready to fight ten male bandits alone and Akashar was sure he could win. She didn’t doubt that he was a wolf among sheep, regardless their weapons.

“Venera stop!”, Akashar exclaimed startled, but it was too late, Venera already was at the Ivor’s reach.

Ivor worked as a well oiled war machine. As a flash he griped Venera by his left hand taking the knife, which she was still pointing at him, by his right hand. As one move he threw the knife on Akashar’s chest. Ivor didn’t wait to see if he missed or not. He was sure he didn’t, so while Akashar was watching in horror hilt of the knife in her chest, Ivor disarmed the nearest woman and started knocking down one after the other. After six seconds Akashar fell on the ground, Venera started crying, unable to move, and the fastest women made their first move to attack. Five of them were already down. When next two fell down, the others changed their attack to defense and after the other one last two tried to flee. Ivor caught them very easily, two swings of the sword and the fight was over.

Everything was suddenly very quiet. Venera was turning around in disbelieve, tears in the eyas. “You killed them,” she sobbed. “You killed them all.” And she fainted and fell on the ground.



Two men were watching a bond, unconscious naked girl. Ivor and Garry. Garry was found in cell close the one where Ivor woke up. He was startled but unhurt and recovered fast when he was released. Both of them were watching Venera now. Her hands were bond together and connected to a carriage, which Ivor found at the building. Ivor took a bucket and poured water on her. Venera scrambled on her knees, coughing. She took few seconds to recover. Then she looked startled around and her eyes stopped at Ivor.

“How do you feel now, bitch?” shouted Garry at her and kicked her in her hip. Venera screamed and fell on her back.

“Don’t do it”, said Ivor silently.

“Why not?” shouted Garry. “I have right to do everything to her. Can you imagine how she and the others humiliated me?!”

“I said don’t do it. I will choose her punishment”. Venera looked into Ivor’s eyes and almost wished to deal rather with Garry than with Ivor. She was sure she would die and with Garry’s temper, wounded pride and rage it might be quick. Ivor, on contrary, was cold like a glacier and had everything under control.

“On your feet, Venera, it’s time to go! And you, Garry, on the seat”, said Ivor, mounting his horse.

Venera climbed on her feet, asking “How will we…” and then she saw it. Nine naked women were bond to shaft of the carriage.

“How is it possible? You killed them!” Venera didn’t believe her eyes.

“No, I didn’t. It would be shame to waste such a good meat”, smirked Ivor.

“But I saw you to use sword”, exclaimed Venera.

“Yes, you are right. I used the other side of the blade.”

Venera was astonished. She was trained enough to know that Ivor did a masterpiece.

“Irene is missing. Where is she?”, asked Venera.

“Wench, you speak too much. But don’t worry, you will be taught how to behave.” He hesitated for a while and then he added: “That girl, Irene, I suppose, is dead. I broke her spine. Be lucky you are alive and stop talking.

Garry?! Grab the whip and let’s go!”

Garry took a whip smacked it above the women’s heads. They bent down but no one moved forward.

“What lazy mares we have”, said Garry unpleasantly and smacked the front woman across her back. She painfully screamed out and tried to move as long as possible out of Garry.

“Now everybody move!”, shouted Garry, “otherwise…” and Garry stretched out his hand with the whip. Women slowly moved on.

The way back to the castle was slow and not easy. Not easy for the female bandits. Even though the carriage wasn’t too heavy, it wasn’t easy to tow it in the wood. Moreover, the noble women weren’t used to walk without boots, and weren’t used to the physical work. One by one tried to shirk, but Garry paid attention and every lazy girl was punished with stroke. Until they reached the castle, all female backs were red of many whip strokes. The way wasn’t easy neither for Venera. She was spare from whipping, but stumbling barefoot behind the carriage was very exhausting.

When this strange expedition reached the castle, all women were out of their mind, with bleeding foots, absentmindly gazing to nowhere. When the guards recognized Garry, the gate opened and all of them stopped at the courtyard. Women in front just fell on the ground, Venera wearily sat down. People around laughed, but also looked at Venera, puzzled.

Ivor dismounted his horse and looked around. He hesitated for awhile. He didn’t want to abandon the carriage, but he also knew he needed to speak with duke. Before he decided what to do, he was saved by the incoming duke.

“My son. Garry! You are alive!” cried happily duke Alfonse and embraced him firmly. Then he look, puzzled, at the strange drafters.

“Duke Alfonse”, said Ivor, “I need to talk to you. Privately and immediately. Also I need few guards to watch these captures. Garry, stay here and make sure they will not speak with no one.” Garry bowed his head and moved to the guards.

Duke Alfonse didn’t interfere, even though he had just spotted Venera. He tossed his head towards the nearest store room.

“So, as you see”, said Ivor, after he explained to the duke the matter, “those girls mean the big political power and tool. Use them as you wish.”

“And Venera?”, asked duke Alfonse. “I wished I could throw her on gibbet, but I can hardly do that to the daughter of the count of Alba”, frowned duke.

“That’s the last thing I wanted to speak about. I have my plans with her.” When Ivor finished his brief explanation, duke started laughing aloud. “Man, that’s really something. She will suffer till the end of her life. You have my permission,” and still laughing and in the good mood, both of them emerged from the store room.



Man on the horse and a bond, naked woman on the leash staggering behind him. They were on the way since early morning. The girl was tired to death. She already passed through the questions, shouting, threats and begging. Now she was just sobbing and trying not to fall. Finally the man stopped, ready for having lunch. The girl collapsed on the grass.

“You should get use to it”, said Ivor. “We will travel like this very long time.”

“No, please”, said Venera in broken voice. “I got my lesson. I know this is a kind of punishment. But if you overdo it, it will strike back to you. My father will not tolerate too harsh treatment with me, when I will return home.”

“Venera, you fool, this is not your punishment! You are not to be returned back to your father!”

“But…but…”, Venera was suddenly scared. Is he going to kill her?

“Ivor, what are you going to do with me?”

Ivor looked firmly at her. “I don’t need to answer your question. But I will, because if you know your future, our way will be more interesting.

So, my dear Venera, you know very well I’ve liked you since I saw you first time at the lake. The night in the castle I really wanted to have you. It was just bad luck we couldn’t spend the night together.”

“So”, asked Venera, “are you going to rape me? Is it what you want? To humiliate me in this way? To ruin my chances for good marriage?”

“Venera, you stupid girl, do you really believe you can get off this situation with sex?!” Ivor sincerely laughed. “I don’t believe you are so stupid.”

“So what?”, cried Venera. “What is it what you want?”

“It is you”, said Ivor at once coldly and hot. “I want to have you, to own you; I want to enjoy your body and your presence. This is what I want.”

“Really?”, asked Venera slowly. She didn’t believe her ears. “Do you want to married me?” And she already imagined her side by side this strong man. The wedding night would be the best experience ever. Her body started shaking under the impression of these thoughts.

“Venera, you talk so stupid that I should perhaps whip you to clear your mind”, shake Ivor his head.

Venera was astonished. “But you said…”

“I said exactly what I said. And it was that I want to own you.”

Venera opened her eyes wide in disbelief. “How do you mean it?” she asked unsteady.

Ivor smirked. “I see you already know how I mean it. You just don’t want to admit it. So I say it aloud. I am going to enslave you!”

The silence spread around.

“But slavery is not legal in Almiente”, Venera clutched at a straw.

“It is not fully correct. You can’t be enslaved in Almiente, but the common merchant law is honored in every country. If I take you to a country, where slavery is legal, you will be branded and then you will be slave forever and everywhere. I could even visit your father with you as my asset and he will have no right to do anything against. Any attempt to rescue you would be considered as a robbery.” And with these words Ivor started preparing his lunch.

Venera was weeping. So this is her fate? Her, spoiled noble daughter, will end up as slave of this brute? No, it couldn’t be true. Such a fate. She will have to sleep when he says, eat when he says, and make him happy when he says. Actually, the last thing didn’t sound too bad. If she compared herself forced to marry Garry and herself in the strong arms of this man, she would choose Ivor.

The bond girl put her head down, covering  her happy smile.


************ The end  ************