Trip to Karlštejn


One time a Lenka’s schoolmate from high school came out with this idea that three of us could make a trip to Karlštejn. I have a suspicion that the true reason was that he wanted to look me over to find out, who Lenka goes out with. Fortunately I passed, and he sent her an SMS in the evening that I was approved.


Mogers in Czech Republic

Don a AvenaAfter the summer 2007 iPAC we brought the Canadians Don and Avena Moger, whom we did not know before, toPrague with us. Approximately a month ago we hosted Randy Dougherty and his girlfriend and we were little afraid concerning amount and volume of their luggage. But the Mogers were just golden, and we did fit into the car comfortably.


Trip to Sněžka

SnezkaThere was a student from Mexico, his name was Miguel, who was here to visit for three months, and who visited several Rotary Clubs in southern Bohemia. I took him to Prague and its surroundings for several days. During these trips we also went to see Sněžka mountain.