Wedding – selection of accessories


Both of us, of course, chose the wedding dress, although Lenka was logically worried more about it and pulled her sisters and friends into it also.

For me it was simpler, since I knew that I wanted a light colored suit and also one that I would be able to use after the wedding. Thanks to this I did not have to run around rental places. The fact is that during looking for Lenka’s dress we visited one salon, where I tried a suit, but it was shapeless, and they did not even have shoes to go with it.

This made me even more certain that I should buy a suit. After it I needed only one visit at the OP Prostějov store and I have a beautiful suit that I have used several times since, so everything went the way it should. We bought a shirt and tie in the same store, but Lenka discovered even nicer shirt someplace else, so now I have two pretty red dress shirts. I wear the less pretty one to business meetings. At the end we had to find shoes. Lenka was thinking about white ones, I imagined them kind of brownish. Of course, the brownish ones won for three good reasons:

  1. I wanted them.
  2. The only white ones they had were ugly.
  3. Bláňa (my future sister-in-law) approved the brown ones. You can depend on her taste in fashion matters.

Pravé šatySo, I was equipped. With Lenka it was worse. She browsed through a zillion internet pages plus several salons in Prague. I went to two of them, and the photo documentation is from them. We liked one of the dresses, but at the end everything ended differently. Lenka found one dress on the Internet that caught her fancy at the first sight. According to the pages they had it in a salon in Břeclav. We just about went there for several trips (to try it on for the first time, then for a trial after modifications, third time to pick it up, and the fourth time to return it), when it all got simplified due to some Lenka’s virtual friend from Budějovice. Lenka sent her friends a link to this dress and one of them saw it in ČB and told her. A perfect friend, she saved us hundreds of kilometers and hours of time.

All we needed then was to visit the salon when we went to ČB on some occasion, make sure the dress was the right one, and reserve it.

Lenka bought shoes before, it took her less time to find a pair than to me.

Now I should mention the rings, although we had them first of all. We went to a wedding fair in Prague and right at the entrance we were interested in a booth where we picked the rings, tried them, and paid for them. We got them by mail three months later.