Visit of RC Wiveliscombe

During April 2008 we did not visit only Anne, but also the Rotary Club Wiveliscombe. These events followed one another, and the one in Wiveliscombe started by Anne taking us there. Wiveliscombe is only about 40 minutes from Tiverton. This in practical life means that as the crow flies these two towns are a small distance away, but because of the Devon roads the jurney gets somewhat longer.

Golf clubWe should sleep at the Kellets, which we knew in advance. We found the place all right, nice house on the main street, and they even had the main gate opened, so we drove into a small yard. There was a Mercedes standing there and we felt a little bit of unrest that the family ease ended and social duties would start. Luckily reality was different.

The Kellets were already waiting for us and when we drove in they came out of the house. We knew Adrian from his visits to Hluboká, but we did not know his wife. She is really sweet woman, albeit speaking like a mashine gun. Smile