Denmark 2006

TrajektI learned C3A in Plön at the beginning of July 2006, Dave Wilson was teaching it at the time. I met the Danish group there, especially Hanne Frost. We were there alone, so Steffen put us together as partners. This proved beneficial at the end. Hanne was good dancer, eager to learn, and she was also totally indestructible. I did not want to hold her back in her enthusiasm, and thus was hard put to go through all these hours.

Hanne was probably satisfied with me, since she invited me and Lenka for a C special, which has been held in her club called Diamond Plus every year. She was really serious about this invitation and made sure several times during the summer that we were going to show up. We were taking it more like academic question in the beginning, since Denmark was so far away. But since Hanne was insisting so much, we decided to go at the end, and it turned out to be one of the great decisions, we have ever made. Thanks to this trip we met a perfect C party a made friends with incredibly vital Mona and Michael Fagerbergs.

V letadleOn our first trip to Denmark we flew from Prague to Copenhagen. It was the first flight for Lenka, and she enjoyed it very much, and was not afraid at all. Unfortunately, the photo from a plane is too dark, but heck, it is the memory of the first flight. We traveled from Copenhagen to Aarhus by train. The trip took four hours, and the tickets were a gift from Hanne. We were fascinated that the train left according to schedule and stopped exactly on time at each station on the way. When we told about this to Danes, they were fascinated, too, since this is not normal in Denmark at all.

Hanne was waiting for us at the station in Aarhus and took us home with her. She lives in a small village about half an hour from Aarhus. That is where we met her husband Peter. Reportedly he is a funny guy and a great company, but we could never tell, since he practically does not speak any English.

SkansenNext day Hanne took us to Aarhus to show us the city, port and university, where she worked. At the end we went to an outdoor museum of old Danish houses that were transported to Aarhus from all of Denmark.

In order to get a complete picture about this trip, look also at the article in the Square Dance section, where you will find out, what was the dancing like. Pictures from this trip are here.