Denmark 2007

Dansko 2007

This year it was quite clear that we would be going to Denmark in the fall. It did not seem so far away any more. This time we decided to take a car, since when we added the time in the airport, flight, train time, and also the trip to Hanne, it came out almost the same as the car trip, and we would be independent on the top of it. This became clear immediately, since on Saturday we could go to Aalborg with one car only.

Practically everything went just like the last year, only our trip around Aarhus was not so extensive this time, and we were alone, since Hanne had to go to work. Sandra Bryant and Vic Ceder called, which was clearly a mark of quality.

Sunday after dancing we again went to the Fagenbergs, took a few hour break, and then started a party as you haven’t seen before. It is true that Vic Dansko 2007left us maybe before midnight, and Michael shortly after him, but Mona, Lenka, Sandra and I went on until three in the morning and drank two bottles of wine. We would go on if Mona did not have to get up at five thanks to Vic’s plane. Also Michael showed up at three, kind of pissed off, and chased us off (and especially Mona) to bed, although, considering the level of alcohol the day after, it was too late anyway.

There is one picture of Vic with a glass of wine in the photo gallery, but he is only posing for the photograph, since he does not drink any alcohol. On the other hand he loves Carlsbad waffles.

There was a Diamond Plus Club evening on Monday, for which I was announced as a caller. The program was C1. I have worked on my pronunciation since the last year Denmark event, so this way people had a good dance. Also Sandra came and really loved some of my combinations. She even wrote one down. And taught me to pronounce “vertical” correctly.Prakticky všechno probíhalo jako minulý rok, akorát cestu po Aarhusu jsme tentokrát neměli tak velikou a byli jsme sami, protože Hanne musela do práce. Callerovali Sandra Bryant a Vic Ceder, jednoznačně záruka kvality.