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Formation designer

The Formation designer was developed mainly as a tool for preparation of the formation description for the SQMP3 New Flash, but thanks the Preview function it can be used by everyone, who needs a picture to its article or website.

Download here. The package also contains the detailed manual.

Installation: no installation process is needed, just unzip the file into a folder and launch .exe file.

Output examples


Computer cards

Download Computer Cards version 0.4

SQMP3 New flash

New flashSQMP3 New Flash is a program for SD callers, especially for challenge sight callers. Program is designed to work well with Dave Wilson's SQMP3 Gold program, but can also run without it.
Actual version 4.8. - first version released for public.
Download - program and manual.

Brief description

Historically the very first function was Flash call, because the reason of writing this program was that SQMP3 Gold flashes only one call at a time. Therefore the name of this program is SQMP3 New Flash. Nevertheless, current version is quite complex and powerful. 
For details read the manual, which is in the install package.


The program doesn't need to be installed, just unzip the deployment file into your desired application folder.

Pilot Square

Pilot squareWith SQMP3 New Flash you can make notes about your key dancers. It helps you in cases, when you have difficulties to remember unknown people, and especially in cases, when single dancer rotation is used.

In the Option window you can select how many squares you want to observe.




Flash calls

The Flash calls menu comprises the functions for random calls flashing.Flash calls

First of all choose your desired level(s). You can choose maximum three levels to flash. The item Custom is good for flashing a set of certain calls you want to use. The most frequent usage is during the classes, when you have to call only limited set of the calls.

The Flash call window is invoked by pressing F11 – note this is the same shortcut as in the SQMP3 Gold. You can have open only one Flash call window. According the Timer setup calls will automatically appear in the set period. Besides it, every time you can press F1 to get new call(s).

Different approach is a function List of calls, which shows all set of calls of the highest chosen level in one window. Click on the call makes that call red. It is good for marking already used calls.

Statistics shows you what calls in which quantity have been flashed since last level choosing.

Flash ideas

This is very useful function for sight callers. As a sight caller you usually don't read your material (at least most of the time) and sometimes you are not able to come up with a good idea in the right time.

Write down your ideas, open the Flash idea window and have your notes ready to be called.

Flash choreography

Pressing Ctrl + F12 leads to the sequence reader. The Choreo window works the same way as in the SQMP3 Gold. The biggest difference is you can have more than one window on the screen.

Flash choreography with a call

It often happens that dancers want to practice certain call. In that case it is very useful to have ready sequences, which comprise such a call.

Press Shift + F12. In a dialog, which appears, type a name of the desired call and mark all choreography folder you want to use for searching. Then press Ok.

All sequences in the marked folders are searched. The choreo window, which appears, comprises only sequences with the typed call.

Flash formation

The program can show a picture of randomly chosen formation. Maybe you are asking "What the hack is this good for? “ Well, have you ever danced to Ross Howell? Ross is a sight caller as well as a reader. Sometimes happens that he reads a sequence and most of the squres breaks. He sends dancers back home and doesn't read the sequence from the beginning. Instead he calls three or four calls and suddenly all dancers are on the same spot where they were before they broke. Woul'd you like to do the same? Use Flash formation during your home work. SQMP3 New Flash comes with almost 1 000 different FASRs.

Flash get-out

Get outIf you already have dancers in certain FASR, you may want to bring them home. Try to press F6 and if you are lucky (in other words – if in database is a get-out from the peticular FASR) the program shows a get out sequence.

The program tries to find a get out of the highest level chosen for flashing. If it fails, the program goes down the levels and flashes the first one which fits. If there are more possible get outs, program chooses one of them randomly.

Flash quick Get-out

A combination of two functions – flashing formation and flashing get-outs – gives the caller a powerful weapon in his sight calling. Just do you sight calling and at the moment you want to resolve, press F7. Program gives you a formation and get-out together. The function omits the formations without any defined get-out. In other words, F7 always gives you a valid pair formation – get out.

Define get outs for all levels you call and your every sequence will be interesting.

Usage of the calls

This function is good for home work, not for calling. This function will analyze your sequences and shows usage of each call of each level.

Click the menu item. In the window, which appears, select the folder which is to be analyzed. Then just observe the numbers.

Import SD sequences and ideas

Import works almost same way as in SQMP3 Gold, with few changes:

  1. Only files with the character @ may be imported.

  2. Imported file doesn't need to have very first row empty (there is an error in SQMP3 Gold).

  3. Imported file doesn't need to have @ and empty row as very last two characters (there is an error in SQMP3 Gold).

  4. Import trims all free space before and after sequence, but you can have as many empty rows in the sequence as you wish.

  5. You can choose initial number of file's numbering.

Shortcuts review




Flash now!


Launch / Close pilot square window

Ctrl + F2

Clear key dances


Flash idea now!

Ctrl + F3

Flash idea – folder selection and launch of the window.


Flash formation


Flash get-out


Flash quick get-out


Flash list of calls / Close list of calls


Flash calls / Close flash calls


Works only in Choreo window. First hit sets the text font to small, next one restores the original size.

Shift + F1

Set position 1

Shift + F2

Set position 2

Ctrl + F12

Choreo – folder selection and launch of the window.

Shift + F12

Choreo with the call

Ctrl + H

Tile horizontally

Ctrl + L

Choose (multi)level for flash calls.

Ctrl + P


Ctrl + T

Flash 3 at a time

Ctrl + V

Tile vertically


SQMP3 Gold and New Flash
SQMP3 Gold and New flash working together
4 pilot squares 1 pilot square
Four pilot squares
One pilot squares
Flash calls

Set levels to be flashed Flash ideas Flash Get out
Analysis the calls Flash seguences with a call
List of calls
Select the ideas source Saving ideas
Flash ideas and sequences together