Robin - we have a baby

MimcoSo we have a baby. Robin was amazing. Just yesterday we attended last antenatal course and explained him that now he might born, and here it is.
Lenka was woken up by contractions about one hour after midnight. She walked around the apartment, took shower, baked a gingerbread, made up puzzle a washed dishes. At 6:30 she wanted to pack a trunk to materniti house and woke me up. You know, 6:30 is deep night for me, so I drank a cop of coffee to made me fresh. In the meantime Lenka called her midwife. She didn't believe that childbirth was in big progress, but she agreed to come.
Lenka was fine all the time, everything was ready, so we took few photos of her belly and a baby bed, and watched one M.A.S.H. episode in TV. Afterwards the midwife came, checked Lenka and said that the childbirth was in big progress and went fast and baby would be here soon. We were surprised, we thought it would be all day process. So Lenka hastily planted some grain in her FarmVille, I sent last few mails and we all gathered in the living room.
Few more contractions and the childbirth itself begun. Its duration was short, about fifteen minutes. Those really robust contractions started at 10:30 and at 10:47 our baby was born.
They both are in bed now, resting and fine.
Few first photos are here.