Wedding – the week before

Our July was really tough. There was the wedding coming up and C3A event right after it. Additionally we arranged with the Fagerbergs that they would come a week early and spend it with us in Prague. They extended their vacation by it, and our fun started several days early. This also helped us in that we had to have organization of the wedding and C3A event ready one week earlier.

Mona and Michael arrived in Prague on July 17th. I attended Rotarian Club meet in Hluboká, where all my Rotarian colleagues spend practically all the meeting trying to talk me out of the wedding. According to my taste they exceeded the fun limit, and I left for Prague quite upset. When we arrived, Lenka, Mona, and Michael were talking lively. I needed a drink or two, I was looking forward to drinking wine with them, but they already finished drinking and did not want any more, so I just had a shot of whisky to calm down.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we did some trips around Prague, and went only to places, where I knew we would not go with a guide during the C3A event. On Wednesday we all drove to Hluboká.

On Thursday we arranged the last necessary things and decorated the hunter’s lodge in Hluboká’s game preserve. Late in the evening we met with the Fagerbergs and Hanne with Peter in the hotel.