Christmas 2008

StromecekThis was our first Christmas together, on the top of the first Christmas, since we were married. We spend it by ourselves in Mirovická, because we assumed that it would be the first, but at the same time the last quiet Christmas. We bought a tree, a tree stand and some ornaments. This was little difficult, since Lenka likes straw ones, and I prefer glass ones. So we agreed that we would alternate them every other Christmas.

None of us is too eager for a carp, so we bought a salmon and had fried potato croquettes to go with it. Of course we also had Christmas bread. It caused a little bit of a fight, since I wanted it from raised dough, which Lenka could not do and was afraid of. At the end she took it head (or breasts? :-) on, got three recipes, picked one, and started the experiment. The photo of our first Christmas bread served as a background of our New Year’s wish.

We had candles and sparklers that created the right atmosphere and smell around the tree.