Christmas and New Year 2009

Stedry den 2009We have decided to spend Christmas Eve this year at the Hampls, since this was the last Christmas before the birth of our child and I wanted to know, how Christmas looks like there. The result was a completely perfect evening; and it would not really be us, if we did not do something traditional. Although ... maybe this made the evening so perfect.

The day was interesting right from the morning. Lenka planned skating with the Vančuras and others. But they changed their plans and did not tell her. She luckily had an inspiration and called them before she left, so she did not go in vain. This at least gave us a quiet morning.

Lenka made an excellent Christmas bread that we took to the Hampls in the evening. We went there sometimes right after three, since Lenka planned to cook turkey for us and Blanka and in general prepare some good stuff for the evening with Franta. Blanka was dressing a Christmas tree and I with Věra started to look through some old family photos. The quiet did not last long, since Věrka’s sudden health problems caused us to go to an emergency room. This was the first time in my life when I had to go to emergency on Christmas Eve. And it was not even because the obligatory fish bone in the neck. Luckily in Bulovka it did not last long and we managed to come back with an easy time to spare for dinner.

The dinner started almost exactly at six as planned. We had a choice between fish and noodle soups, carp and turkey, potato salad and fried potatoes. And of course Christmas cookies, strudel and Christmas bread after dinner. Although we could not eat a lot of this any more. So we kind of snacked on it and drank a little and then Jesus baby up.

See pictures from the first part of the evening here.

The gift unwrapping is well documented in the photo galery, it is hard to add anything to it. We had fun checking and commenting on every gift. There were a lot of gifts that we wrote Santa for, but there were some surprises, too. Lenka received a book from Viewegh as a surprise and I a book about Kája Gott. And also "a voucher for chemical experiments". That was long discussed, but still not performed event. Take a look at the pictures, the voucher is just funny. It was a big surprise and the great thing is that the presentation is on the specific date and hour, so it will really happen. :-)

Also Honza came in the evening, too and continued unwrapping presents. Everybody was falling asleep then (well, except me), so we finished it around eleven, but the fun continued. There was no lack of excitement. We did not manage to completely agree, what, where and how. At the end both of us were outside of the building and the keys were left in the apartment lock. Luckily the neighbor was still awake and she let us in after three rings.