Christmas and New Year 2009 - 25.12.

This was the morning after Christmas Eve, and as Lenka said at noon, this day definitely was not ordinary. Exceptional Christmas went on. It started at night already, when I properly turned the lights off at midnight, but I could not fall asleep no matter what. I don’t know when I managed to fall asleep; it had to be around three. I woke up at 9:30 fairly tired and disoriented.

That was not the worst, however. Around eleven the network collapsed, computers could not communicate with a router. I took the router from the rack, connected it with a cable and found that it worked fine over the cable. I just could not see any wireless signal, either from the computers or the phone.

I decided that the box broke down, got another router out of a chest and connected it in the rack. Lo and behold, I could not connect to it either. So, the router went out again from the rack, everything was working over the cable, no wi-fi signal. I was getting depressed and wondered what to do. I unplugged the routers from the plug and Lenka said: “Hey, I can see DTS-Mirovická” (this is our ESS). I checked my notebook and it could see even the both unplugged routers. Even after three refreshes in a row.

Although in the beginning I thought that something was jamming our signal, now I started believing in IT ghosts. I know that sounds crazy, but I tried to connect to one of these networks. Luckily it was not possible. If I had managed, I would probably move to Tibet and started to meditate.

After two hours of trying I said that this was nonsense, and we would just work over the cable this Christmas. So I wired the modem, router and our two notebooks and went to the study to switch on Budulínek (my table PC), from which I needed some photos. All of the sudden Lenka calls: “I am connected to DTS-Mirovická".

“This is impossible, I plugged a cable into your notebook,” I said with superiority of an expert, who knows, that combination of Windows + Dell switches off the wi-fi card automatically, when you plug in a cable.

“That may be, but I am still connected through wi-fi”, insisted this foolish creature. So I went to make sure and really! So I tried to connect my notebook through wi-fi and it worked also. So did Budulínek. Again it had shown that there had to be some work put into it; at the end our computer settings were exactly the same as in the beginning ... only the set up did not work for those two hours.

Luckily, the rest of the day was calm and quiet.